Exotic Lizards


Earth Echoes has a nice selection of exotic lizards in stock. Here’s a few photos:

One thought on “Exotic Lizards

  1. Mark

    I came into Paul’s store about a month and a half ago looking to purchase a lizard for my little girl for her third birthday and knew nothing about lizards at all. My little girl had asked for a lizard but had never held one before and was a bit scared. Paul made her feel comfortable right away and gave me all of the information I needed to decide on what lizard to go with. We have been back to the store at least 4 times so that my little girl feels comfortable handling her new pet. I can say that she is a pro now and is not nervous at all thanks to Paul. I will be buying a Crested Gecko from Paul in the next week or so and I am confident that he will be available for any questions or concerns down the road. It’s nice to have someone in the neighbourhood who is friendly and cares as much as Paul does. Thanks for the great experience Paul!!!


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