Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragons are native to the dry, hot, interior of Australia. Colour Morphs are due to selective breeding of dragons that have evolved to match their environments: example, Blood Red “Beardies” are from regions of red sand. They have very inquisitive personalities and respond well to attention. Frisky young Bearded Dragons mature into majestic well mannered adults of an ideal size (18 – 24 inches) Beardies love to stalk and chase insects to eat, and will take small rodents and will enjoy a large range of vegetables, fruit and greens.

They constantly communicate with each other through physical gestures which adds to their appeal. They enjoy a daytime temperature of 30 degrees C with a basking site of up to 50 degrees C. A nightly drop in temperature is important for metabolic and hydration reasons.

Sandfire Yellow

Sunburst Yellow

Tangerine Morph


Blood Red


Before They Were Dragons

Baby Bearded Dragon – $80.00

Peach X Tangerine

Veiled Chameleons are fairly large by chameleon standards. Males can reach 2 feet, while females may get 14 inches.

They possess several qualities shared only by other chameleons. Tongue shooting at prey, eyes turreted independently with a 360 degree field of view without moving its head. All four “hands” have fused fingers (3 on one side and two on the other) specially adapted for grasping branches. A fully prehensile tail providing added grip and balance and an amazing show of colours that can totally change in seconds. Young “Veileds” tame with maturity, and with respectful handling.

Veiled Chameleons are native to riverside and coastal regions of Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia, therefore are less humidity dependent than other species.



Other Lizards


Spiny-Tailed Uromastyx

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